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Re: Alias help needed

Chuck Mize wrote:
> Greetings,  I am running the Lambda core on a Linux machine.  I have created
> a couple of rooms, but can only @go to them by referencing the object #.  At
> this point I have'nt been able to @go by referencing the alias for the
> object.  Using @show, the alias appears to be set correctly.  I have set
> free_entry for the room objects.  Do I need to set a some other
> property(ies) to enable the alias.  Thank you for you help and consideration.
> Chuck Mize

The best way to do it in my opinion (I've had this argument
before) is to use a $room_db.  Then just have @go search
through the $room_db.  If you use the PC way you have x
hundred characters running around with let's be nice and
say 1/4 of the total $room_db.  That's a lot of wasteful
and repetitous db bloat.  It also takes more effort on
each user's part, you have to add each room, you have
to know the # of the room to go there initially... ick.

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