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Re: @create

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Sergio Costa wrote:

>    Typing: @create $feature called "Whatever" i get the following:
>   #90:moveto acceptable (this == #95), line 15:  Invalid indirection
> ... called from #1:accept (this == #95), line 2
> ... called from built-in function move()
> ... called from #4:@create (this == #95), line 41
> (End of traceback)

Let me guess, you use the LambdaCore.latest.db (or an earlier version) with
server 1.8.0. The db isn't wholy compatible with the server (why, though ?
Couldn't a LambdaWiz take a few minutes to patch a DB and call it, say,
LambdaCore.1.8.0.latest.db ? I'd do it myself but I doubt my version would
be trusted enough to put it up PARC ftp.)

The solution you need is at:
Have fun.


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