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A new editor for MOO.

Hi all,

I doubt this will interest many people, because I've posted twice 
complaining about the editor and nobody ever replied.

In any event, I got tired of complaining and patching and wrote another 
editor.  Thus far it is just a note editor, still in beta, but holding 
it's own so far.

What I'd like to know, is there any interest in a different MOO Editor?  
If there is interest I'll set up a web page for it or something, if 
there's no interest, I'll just keep it for internal use and let it serve 
it's purpose.

I won't go into features or implementation, don't want to bore the whole 
list.  Initial reviews are it's more user friendly, and it hasn't crashed 
yet, I'm hoping that it is more stable, but only time will tell.

In any event, contact me if there is any interest.

Happy Surfing,
              John Leone  (john@GrassRootsMOO) port 8888


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