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Server needed...

        I have created my own MOO with a friend.  It is called 'Nouveau
MOOnde'.  It's a french language MOO as you can tell by the name:)  It will
be a social MOO where people can meet, chat, have fun, program ect... and it
will have a Role-Playing part too.   It will be a premiere, since I don't
know any RPG MUD using the french language on the net.  I have a problem
though: I don't have a server to put it on.  I am currently running it on my
PC, but since I have a slow connection and a dinamic IP I can't run it
efficiently and open it to the public.  If you have/know a server and are
interested with my idea, I would like to know, because I think it's a very
kewl project and I wish to have my MOO connected to the whole Internet soon:)

        If you have any questions about my MOO or wants more information on
what it will be like, you can email me at "":)  Thanx you all,

  Alexandre Borgia

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