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Re: Linux and MOO

>>Anyone know if there is a way to run Linux from windows, and is there a
place i 
>>can get Linux. I have a Packerd Bell Pent 75 running windows.
>>                                            Matthew Schmidt

>Try and for linux sites. Linux is it's own OS,
>so you can't run it from within Windows. I think the main question would be,
>why would you want to do that?

Matthew just has it backwards, thats all.  Get Linux, install Xwindows, 
and run a Windows emulator.  then the question becomes, "What good is 
Windows, anyway?"

Linux runs MOOs, clients, browsers, all kinds of servers, ppp, and nethack!
and if you want, it can run them all at once!  You can even access your 
dos partitions through linux, although your binaries will be worthless.

of course, windows is good if you are a developer looking for work.  
hey, it keeps my bills paid!

well, so that i don't stray too far from MOO, has anyone implemented any 
sort of AI routines in MOO?  I'm interested in getting some NPCs to 
respond "intelligently" to players' actions, but mostly players' words.

Obviously, I know little of AI, but I am a quick learner.  Really, I are.

any suggestions?

-mike povoski
the above provider is run by a control freak.  In case you care.


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