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RE: Yipes!

Except for a few members who still have assigned bedtimes, most of us on 
this list do attempt to maintain some degree of professionalism.

I'm starting to think Karl's society of MOO professionals isn't so bad after 
all -- it'd put a little distance between me and the likes of the "wizzen".

From: moo-cows-errors
Subject: Yipes!
Date: Monday, October 28, 1996 9:03PM

Sheesh.. my first day on this list and I get dropped into the middle of
a flame war.... uh... ummm.... okay.... Isn't this a list about the
discussion of moos? I also know Shadowthunder.. he musta dropped acid
that day or something, usually he is pretty lucid...


        *I do not agree with what ShadowThunder did, nor do I try to defend
him. I just state it is out of the ordinary for him*

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