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security without proggers

There are *always* security holes.  I know of at least one that used to 
be fairly prevalent that would allow a player to recycle anything he/she 
could move, and I've heard horror stories about guests getting prog bits, 

The whole point is that when you're dealing with computers in general, 
there's always a way around whatever barriers someone puts up.  While 
restricting prog bits is probably a good way to reduce your risk of some 
malicious progger blowing something up, I've often found that 
restrictions like that often give hackers the only reason they need to 
find security holes in the first place:  to know they can out-smart 
you..I outta know..I'm a hacker-type myself. ;P

Anyway...I've found that the best way to keep idiots from going nuts and 
crashing your MOO is to a) make sure your system is as programmatically 
secure as you can, and b) don't give them a reason to in the first 
place (read: don't be an anal-retentive wizard).


|  Bill Crossley	    |      |
|       | "Scooby-Doo your weapons of war!"		|      


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