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Re: MOO Security (was Re: something or other)

At 07:41 AM 10/29/96 PST, John P. Wilson wrote:
>Are there any security breaches that can be exploited by a player without
>a programmer bit?  In other words, if I do not allow any programmers, will
>I have any security problems?
yeah sometimes. Like if you put a 'any' verb on $wiz or something, and it
has wizperms, it could be exploited to work on the wizard in question. Like
if somewiz puts a @boot any verb, anyone, even a guest, could type @boot
<wiz#> and boot them. Same thing with @shout in older cores. (@shout #2 is
An easy solution for this is to always check if (player==this) of course...
(for !x verbs)

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