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Re: Threatening of Gothic MOO

At 05:36 PM 10/28/96 PST, you wrote:
>Listing the player's email and site would have been sufficient. If I 
>wanted to see childish insults like that I'd log into a Diku MUD and 
>listen to their 5th-grade banter.
Sterotyping is not a good thing.
>Get a life, Brandon, and don't send that garbage to my inbox.
>I'm beginning to think the people running most MOOs are as bad as the idiots 
>running most MUDs -- handing out positions of power to insecure geeks who 
>get their jollies by threatening players and administrators with their 
>"cyber-power" and throwing temper-tantrums.
I hope not. Though I think it has been done. Though by some not so idiotic
people. Intelligence, maturity, and sense of resposibility are not the same
thing. And I resent the refrence to geeks in that way. Another sterotype.

Are your insults any more reasonable simply because they are more
politically correct?
Have you gone out and looked at most MUDs and determined all of them are run
by idiots? Have you asked all the geeks in MUDs and saw that they are
insecure and threaten people with their power? Have you talked to all the
people who are abusing power and determined them idiots/geeks/insecure? I
don't think you have. The reputation of the masses always is ruined by even
the smallest % of "bad" people.

If you really were offended by his message why didn't you just send him
personal email instead of creating a big deal out of it and thus starting a
long line of responses and a big arguement?

--Justin Hager

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