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Re: processor load problem - update

>From: (Andreas Dieberger)
>Thanks for the replies I got so far. Here is an update on the situation and
>some previously missing info:
>The server we are running is 1.7.8p4  with the MPLpatch 1.4.
>It certainly was not a good idea to run the MOO under root and with that
>high priorities - that was an accident it seems. Still that alone doesnt
>explain why an empty moo needs that many cycles on the server.
>So today our sysop (Michael Mealling) checked what the MOO does all the
>time. At that point the MOO was basically idling with only me logged in and
>3 queued tasks that didnt do anything except waiting (using suspend).
>Here is an extract of what he saw:

[Lots of timer stuff deleted...]

Hmm... perhaps someone is running a verb that has suspend( 0 ) in it... and a loop?

Someone did that on Id MOO and used 96% of the server's CPU.... we're not
even running under root!


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