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Re: Protocol for obtaining copies of features/verbs/etc

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Elias <> writes:

    Doug> i've recently "discovered" the MOOseum, and, as i'm
    Doug> currently constructing a MOO (distance-ed related, coupled
    Doug> to a Web-based tutorial and training-lab which is the
    Doug> central focus), i'd very much like to take advantage of the
    Doug> ideas and efforts of people much more facile with this
    Doug> environment than i ...

    Doug> ...but *how*?  What's the policy on obtaining access to the
    Doug> code for these creations?  i was hoping that there would be
    Doug> some kind of generally-accessible archive of such things,
    Doug> like the elisp-archives supporting emacs, but i gather that
    Doug> this isn't in the proper MOO-spirit -- is this impression
    Doug> incorrect?

I too am new to MOOs, although the idea of using one was a result of
my 13 year old daughter's use of several MUSEs.  I want to use a MOO
as a conferencing system for on-line discussions of a non-computer
non-technical subject.  The anticipated users are not expected to have
much computert savvy, although some of them are professional software
people (myself included).

It would be nice if someone had some widgets (or whatever MOO-ers call
the objects in this environment) available in a documented library
somewhere.  I do not need weird monsters or science fiction things,
just ordinary everyday objects like rooms, doors, furniture, trees,
maybe a few freindly animals, and... oh yes, most important, books!  I
really would like to be able to query books inside the MOO to look
things up.

Is there any such repository out there anywhere?  Thanks!

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