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Re: Minimal.DB

>> So I was once again hacking minimal.db, and I notice that I'm always
>> starting with the same steps.  Why doesn't minimal.db consist of a single
>> object, #0, which is a player and a programmer and a wizard, with a
>> :do_login_command verb which returns #0?  I don't see any reason for
>> minimal.db to contain a room or root parents at all.

>First of all, the Minimal.db has only 4 objects, which is not an excessive
>waste. But to further reduce them while possible seems somewhat unnecessary.
>The whole idea of building that particular pattern of objects, is that it
>is the minimum number of objects needed to impliment a structure similar
>to that used to login to LambdaCore. It clearly shows the nature of the
>difference between a character and a room, between a system object, and
>a root. I found it quite useful. 

Yes, but if you're going to have that sort of use you might as well start
with an existing core.  What if you want to build up a whole new application?
The first thing I do with a minimal.db is program #0:do_login_command to trash
those extra objects (and do the additional bookkeeping).  Programmers who aren't
familiar with the fundamentals of MOO programming shouldn't be hacking

>Your omnibus object on the other hand, would not give you the same level
>of selectivity and would in fact, be in limbo. Further, any objects based
>on it, would themselves be characters, rooms, system objects, and so on
>all at once. I think straightening that kink out would cost a few objects
>in the long run.

Why would there necesarily be characters, rooms, and so forth?  All these things
can be built from the existing minimal.db or from the minimal.db I'm discussing.
My claim is merely that the distributed minimal.db -isn't- minimal.

>by the way, I have heard rumors of OpalCore....
>do you know where I could get a peek at it?

OpalCore has not yet been released.  Sometime soon we're going to sit down and
do a core generation and invite people to debug.  Mmmm, I love bug reports.
free to stop by OpalMOO ( 7878) and poke around.

Seth I. Rich
Woo, woo!  OpalMOO's back!       There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.

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