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Re: Minimal.DB

I think we're missing the point of what Minimal.DB is, or at least should
be.  It's -not- a VR environment.  It's not supposed to be -anything- but a
sufficiently small database that the server can load it and a user may build
up from it.  I think it's got cruft in it which it doesn't have to have.

The question of the core database is a different one.  I think a problem
which is inherent in module development is this: What if I hack my MOO?  If
I install the basic modules, then hack my system, your modules may fail to
work or destroy things if I then go and install them.  (I saw an approach to
this which used verb version numbers, but that's perhaps too much effort to
expect MOO wizards to go to if they're not hard-core, er, core-hackers.)

Seth I. Rich
Woo, woo!  OpalMOO's back!       There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.

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