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Strange Anomalies (continued)

Here I am again...

>Okay, first a few checks - check permissions on 'restart' and 'moo'
>and make sure that they're both executible.
>Second, check to see if you're getting _anything_ in a log file.
>Is the restart script running at all?  Can you tell?  You said that you
>type ./restart moo and you get a blank line .. do you have to hit cntl-c
>to stop anything running?  Try inserting an echo statement somewhere
>early in the restart script and see if you at least get that.

I've discovered the root of the problem I believe, but I haven't
the faintest idea what to about it...

Permissions and everything are fine, the MOO starts OK if I use

nohup moo park.db >>& park.log &

...basically I've just discovered that I can't run C-shell
scripts from the part of the file-system that I want to move the MOO too...

If I just do a simple...

echo "Hello"
echo "This is a test"

and then chmod it +x and run it, it gives a blank line,
and not the echo command I put in the script...

Hence the 'restart' script (A C-shell script) just won't run
in this area of the file-system...

Anyone any clues (yet again) about what I should do, or what is
wrong, or even any ideas about re-writing the 'restart' script
for the Bourne shell (because Bourne shell scripts seem to work OK)...

The account I'm running it from is using the C-shell too, by the way...

Sorry to cause more trouble!



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