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Re: PowerMac MOO

>Anybody know of any development underway for a MOO server on the PowerMac?

I have been on a hiatus due to an overload of work but I am finally getting
back to my MOO projects - the biggest is the Mac port of the server. was the original MacMOO port author - he took the complete
moo-1.7.6 source tree and created a MPW makefile, but it had some problems
- namely a totally non mac interface and non mac friendly activity
(faceless background app the refused to quit or release its memory,
required the old and somewhat disfunctional ThreadsLib and was
SLLLLOOOOOWWWW).  I am currently trying to create a port that is capable of
being compiled under MetroWerks Codewarrior 7, the only problem I to hack
is the lack of a sockets interface - but the CWGUSI package ought to do,
and the lack of a multi-process sytem - but the new threads package from
Apple is nice and should be directly compaible with Copeland when it
arrives.  As a plus CodeWarrior can create FAT binaries - so I will let you
know how thigns go.  I am not sure how to import this stuff into the source
tree and Pavel hasn't thought of anything either - a whole set of files and
a totally different compile is required (CW Project files and a set of
MacHeader files).  Any ideas?

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