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Generic "wake up when someone enters room" object

> = Darrell Berry

>Can someone point me at a simple object which performs an action at a (set
>or random) interval _as long as there is someone in the location containing
>it_, and which sleeps otherwise (don't want to be doing ANY processing when
>there's noone around to see it)

	Here's one I think I may have the answer for - play with
the TELL() verb on the object itself.  If I'm not mistaken, the
code that is executed when an object enters a room usually uses
:tell() to let everyone know when someone enters or leaves a

	I remember a follower-puppet that would listen for the
me:tell and check to see if it's 'target' had left the room...
it would then respond by leaving in the same direction.

	I think there's a room-recorder object, for use in
meetings and stuff where minutes are important, that does
something close to what you need.  If I was me in your situation,
I'd take a look at that object and see how it's interacting with
its surroundings.

- Lionel R 'Bishop' Clark


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