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Re: regexp trouble

At 04:26 PM 11/27/95 PST, Pavel Curtis wrote:
>Quinn writes:
>> ;match("foo's chicken", "^%([^']+s?%)%'s? *%(.+%)?")
>> => {}
>Yes.  You put a percent-sign in front of an apostrophe, which is not allowed.

I am such a stupid son of a bitch.  I don't even know why I had that there.
 is just another example of my mind reacting to something that doesn't work by
 blinding my eyes to any personal fault.

That % must have had some meaning...sometime...somewhere...before some atom.

>In the old matcher, it apparently meant the same thing as an unadorned
>apostrophe, but it has a less trivial meaning in the new matcher (and I don't
>want to support that meaning in MOO).

OK, Gotcha.  Sorry for the false alarm.


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