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Re: Portable source form of MOO database

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Kai Storbeck wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Nate Massey wrote:
> ...
> >    @vreb me:tell tnt rdx
> >    I don't understand that.
> >    ^vreb^verb
> >    > @verb me:tell tnt rdx
> >    Verb added (12).
> I'm sorry to interupt you all, but TinyFugue supports this function too.
> Just exactly the same.

Not all of us want to mess with the overhead of TF, though. :)  A 
smiliar, but not as complex idea I had was just a simple verb to repeat 
the last entered command, something wicked simple, like 'rc'...  Seemed a 
little impractical at the time, though.  This would, I realize, be 
available through TF's uparrow, but, like I said. :)



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