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Re: MacMOO server/source

>Does anybody know where I can get the source to MacMOO?  The current
>version floating around the net is sort of antiquated and is guaranteed
>not to work with Open Transport and other such things on the PowerMac PCI
>So, if anybody has the source or has a newer version, please let me know.

I'm working on a Port now - the MacMOO should work with the upgraded
OpenTransport - and it does work on PowerMacs now - you need to have
threadlib and filesharing w/ program linking turned on.

When I get this port finished I will have a CodeWarrior project to create a
fat app - using the supported MacTCP commands that will be upwardly
compatible with OpenTransport (if you can believe Apple).  If you have a
PCI PowerMac and want to try the code and/or the app when I have a release
that I beleive will run on your machine I'll keep your address in mind.

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