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Re: Panic recovery of a database - eg, BatMOO

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Ian Macintosh wrote:

> It appears as if BatMOO was saved by another method, but here is 
> something I've knocked up that should work to the extent of re-creating 
> your entire DB, to perfection, with the sole exclusion of forked and 
> suspended tasks.

I should add one thing that I've just noticed.  The properties that had 
any funny things in them, like escape codes, etc, were not salvaged either.

I had two of them, one was #0.GA (The Telnet Go Ahead sequence), and 
#0.Colorful, which was a highly colorised string with 7 or 8 escape codes 
in it.

Bar that, it seems to be ok otherwise.



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