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Re: LPMOO Questions

At 1:28 PM 11/29/95, Tosh wrote:
>Ok, we have converted our MOO to LPMOO.  Our DB was 14 meg before, after
>conversion it was 64 MB, whats with this?

Binary DBs (Which LPMOO uses) are much larger because of their nature.

>Also the LPMOO process has been given 10 MB to run in.  Does this mean
>that 1/6 of the entire DB is in memory at any time?  If so I'd just like
>to say: that sucks big time.

No - LPMOO does not keep as much of the DB as possible in memory.  It only
keeps  recently used objects in verbs in memory.  Every second, a
specifiable portion of the current objects/verbs in memory are swapped to
disk.  (This amount can be changed by editing the swap_fragment number in
etc/  1/swap_fragment of the objects/verbs in memory are swapped out
each second).

>Anyone have secrets about tweaking an LPMOO server so it runs a bit
>quicker?  We have a fairly fast machine (HyperSPARC) but not a lot of
>RAM to spare since the machine is the web server, the Lotus Notes
>server, the Hyper-G server and a bunch of list thingies too.
>Heh I bet disk access has gone thru the roof.
> --

Try setting your swap_fragment to a low number - 16 or 32 will decrease RAM
usage and increase CPU usage (Which shouldn't be too much of a problem with
a HyperSPARC).

Matt Pauker


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