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Suggestion, re: Minimal.db

	I'm remembering all the discussion about the Minimal Db,
its uses and shortcomings.  I'd like to join the crowd and offer
my belated suggestions.

	I hear the spelling object is buggy or perhaps is not
used any more.  Has anyone hooked up a use-counter to it to see
if this is the case?  If it is buggy/unused, can it's apparently
vast space be used for anything else? 

	I use the Book object a lot.  I picked it up at Ranalou's
place and the book object I had there for the longest time was
the BEST - small, simple and very usable.  Noteditor works
perfectly with it, and all my jottings are collected.  This
objectis not in the Minimal - am I the only person who really
likes this object?

	The Autoport is a great mechanism.  I think if the
stablest forms can be compared and a best one chosen, that winner
should be placed in the new Minimal.  Whatever qualifies for
'best' is anyone's guess, however I like having it on one object
as suggested.

	A variation on this theme, perhaps - an AutoPorter that
would interface with an FTP site to update or requests updates of
various objects.  That way, when perhaps a new version of say
notedit is released, those interested can update their system
easily and with great confidence.

	This may necessitate a standard for Moos - like #0, some
place where autoport can find pointers to 'known' objects -
perhaps Everyman has changed, or something like that.  That way
Autoport can correct code that is made Autoportable via keywords
in comments, etc, and make sure that the code will use the same
objects on the destination system.

	Idle thoughts, that's all.
- Lionel R 'Bishop' Clark


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