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[TOOL] Exits checker

I have written a (to me) useful exits checker.

This verbs checks all the descendants of $exits for strangeness. Strangeness is defined as:

- the exit is not in #-1
- the exit has the source or dest property set to something that is not a room
- the exit is not in the entrances or exits properties of the room that it points to

The verb can simply spam you with the results, write them to a note or send mail
to the owners of the exits.

You will find it at:

You may think that you don't need to check your exits, but as time goes by
it is very easy for lots of them to get corrupted - the best one so far has
been an exit that pointed to a cheesecake.

And (mandatory plug) don't forget my MOO stuff page, at

Bye, Walter

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