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Re: Portable source form of MOO database

Overcome by nausea on Tue, 28 Nov 1995 07:52:40 PST, Andreas Dieberger
retched up these words:

  Andreas> That would be very useful. Probably the most obvious
  Andreas> application for something like that is to have an offline
  Andreas> 'structure editor' in which you can design a whole MOO area -
  Andreas> then you log into the MOO and say "insert the whole stuff
  Andreas> north of here" and it makes sure that all room exits are
  Andreas> still valid and that the new area gets connected to the
  Andreas> correct rooms that were in the MOO beforehand.

  Andreas> I thought a lot about how to do that already but didnt come
  Andreas> up with any good idea so far. One idea I had was to use
  Andreas> metarooms so that each metaroom defines one such area. But
  Andreas> that is not really a good solution either, I think.

  Andreas> Still this alone wouldnt solve another problem I am thinking
  Andreas> a lot about: How to *change* MOO areas easily. I would like
  Andreas> to have a dynamic area in my MOO, one that is rearranged
  Andreas> every now and then to experiment with various topologies. I
  Andreas> certainly could keep the rooms and change the exits all the
  Andreas> time but I would prefer to have such an offline structure
  Andreas> editor and to replace an old area periodically with a new
  Andreas> structure. Yes I know, MOOs were not really built to support
  Andreas> something like that, but - hey - show me one piece of
  Andreas> software that really is used _exactly_ as it was planned...
  Andreas> :))

Frankly I was hoping to be deluged with replies along the lines of
"we've been doing this for years, here's how...".

I'm pretty sure you could do it with expect and/or perl...

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