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Re: Metaroom

At 12:45 PM 11/3/96 PST, Michael Brundage wrote:
>On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Matthew Schmidt wrote:
>> I have recieved the code for $metaroom on my moo. I made all the verbs but i 
>> keep getting traceback in line 27 of the verb 'find_object'.  Here is what
>>the code is:
>If you want to get help, then you need to include the traceback, since it 
>tells what went wrong.  Just making a stab in the dark, I'd guess that 
>the traceback said "Property not found" because you only got the verb 
>code, and not the property definitions, and consequently you're missing a 
>proprerty called "thing_indexes" [sic].  But that's just a total 
>guess, since you didn't include the traceback.

When trying to port this or a similar room, with my auto-port program, I
often ran into properties set to 'E_PERM'... it could be that the program
was trying to do a length(this.thing_indexes) when .thing_indexes was set to
E_PERM because of some porting error.  Make sure the property is set to
something that has a length, such as a string or list.  I recommend setting
it to {}.

- Kipp
I'm sick of writing signatures.

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