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Pavel and MOO

A few years ago I designed a tv/tape/vcr/camera system on mediaMOO. 
Alan@mediaMOO made one of the first tapes for our tv station and recorded this
interview with amy bruckman and Pavel.  Here is an excerpt from that tape which
sheds some light on the origins of MOO and Pavel's role. The full tape is
available on mediaMOO, ColllegeTown and other moos supporting the
tv/tape/vcr/camera system.  -Ken Schweller   (cdr@mediaMOO)
Pavel says, "Around the same time, I heard about the `other' fully-programmable
 MUD, called MOO, written by this guy from Waterloo."
Pavel says, "Anyway, there was an `alpha-test' MOO running on a site at
 Berkeley, so I tried that out and chatted with the designer, ghond (aka
 Stephen White), and some of the regulars."
Pavel says, "It was much more reasonable as a basis, in my opinion."
Pavel says, "Mind you, I didn't really know as a basis for *what* at that
Alan says, "So at this point you had no research agenda in mind -- just
 checking things out?"
Pavel says, "Remember, I was just playing around, avoiding coping with the
 events in CSL at the time."
Pavel says, "I think `playing' is closer to the mark..."
Pavel says, "I started making suggestions for improvements to ghond, and
 eventually he agreed to give me a copy of the sources so that we could share
 the implementation work."
Pavel says, "However, the first time I tried `giving the torch' back to him,
 to fold in my changes, he said he was no longer interested in working on the
 system and that I should just keep it."
Pavel says, "Thus did I inherit the MOO server.  The rest is hacking."
Pavel bows.

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