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Re: Pueblo

Matt Dominianni wrote:
> Hi.
> We just uploaded the LambdaCore to a server and are about to start
> building and programming. A major goal of our new MOO is to include
> Pueblo enhancements.
> I'm not sure yet what kind of undertaking it is to add enhamncements to
> the DB, and I wonder if it is worth the effort of starting from scratch,
> or if there is a publically available server out there that is already
> Pueblo enhanced.
> Any suggestions?
> Argle

I've been trying this on a small scale (one room) to show
Pueblo to my school.  The biggest problem I've had is 
really good MOO specific docs, or for that matter examples.
I think i missed some of the harder parts because I could
use Phantom's Bayweb to get HTML descs, etc.  

I would be really thankful for any Pueblo info, tutorials,
MOO specific docs, etc.

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