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More Core Questions :)

First of all - thanks to those that sent me information on where 
to find starter cores :)
	Next question though :) I have a copy of Jay House Core - and 
although it's command set is a bit different, I like alot of it's 
features - including a framework for a workable MOO government. The only 
question I have about this is how to you appoint characters to these 
various commitees ( as far as the program is concerned ), and how do you 
add/delete these comittees?
	As to the MOOtiny core, it seems to require some pretty hefty 
server modification to run - at least WinMOO seems to have alot of 
problems with it upon start-up. Anyone know if there is a Win95/WinNT 
server that will handle a MOOtiny core?
	As always - if this isn't the appropriate area to be asking 
these - directions to the proper area is always appeciated :)


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