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Surf&Turf Java Web/MOO Client

************************** Surf and Turf Web MOO Client *******************
***************************   Release of S&Tv1.0       ********************
We are happy to announce the latest release of 'Surf and Turf' the Java based
Web MOO client.  The latest release includes a multi-user Sketch Pad for
collaborative drawing across MOO space.  Earlier features include the ability
to create, view, and display graphic web pages from within the moo, i.e. 
'control' other viewers' browsers and to do editing on the server output 

The Surf&Turf client may be accessed from the Collegetown MOO home page at  where further information and installation 
instructions may also be found.  The S&T client files may be downloaded from
our public ftp site at Buena Vista University, ftp in the 
directory pub/SurfandTurf. The executable files are freely available for non 
commercial educational use.

Folks interested in online academic collaboration, teaching, or research are
welcome to visit us at Collegetown or to apply for membership.

Ken Schweller
cdr@mediaMOO, BayMOO

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