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the news

When i type 'news' in the latest version of Lamba Core it returns
It's the current issue of the News, dated Wed Dec 31, 1969.

#45:messages_in_seq, line 4:  Permission denied
... called from #44:parse_message_seq from_msg_seq %from_msg_seq to_msg_seq %to_
msg_seq subject_msg_seq body_msg_seq kept_msg_seq unkept_msg_seq display_seq_hea
ders display_seq_full messages_in_seq list_rmm new_message_num length_num_le len
gth_date_le length_all_msgs exists_num_eq msg_seq_to_msg_num_list msg_seq_to_msg
_num_string (this == #60), line 24
... called from #60:news_display_seq_full, line 7
... called from #6:news (this == #2), line 38
(End of traceback)

This is the code for #45:messages_in_seq

 1:  ":messages_in_seq(msg_seq) => list of messages in msg_seq on
 folder (caller)";
 2:  set_task_perms(caller_perms());
 3:  if (typeof(msgs = args[1]) != LIST)
 4:    return player.messages[msgs];
 5:  elseif (length(msgs) == 2)
 6:    return caller.messages[msgs[1]..msgs[2] - 1];
 7:  else
 8:    return $seq_utils:extract(msgs, caller.messages);
 9:  endif

Could someone please tell me why i can't read the news :)

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