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Announcing Cup-O MUD

(this should have been announced some time ago, actually, but..)


Cup-O MUD is actually one of the first Java-applet MUD/MUVE clients 
developed, and has been being steadily tweaked and improved on for a while
now.  It's based entirely on already available standards and protocols, and
has been specifically designed (unlike far too many similar applets people
seem to be coming up with every day) to be small and simple without
compromising important functionality, making it quick to load and easy to
use for many different purposes.

[the following has been copied from the Cup-O MUD documentation, available
as part of the Cup-O MUD web pages at]

What is Cup-O MUD?

The Cup-O MUD client is a fully functional client for Multi-User Virtual
Environments (MUVEs, aka MUDs, MU*s, MOOs, etc), and other line-based text
communication systems, written in the Java programming language.

What this means is that you can now embed an active, real-time connection
to a MUVE directly into a web page, allowing the user to not only interact
with the system using their web browser, but also have most of the
essential features most users of modern MUVE clients simply cannot live
without (separate input/output windows, backscroll, command-recall, and
more), all without the user having to download or install a single piece of

The design goals of Cup-O MUD were as follows:

   * To provide a MUVE client which can take advantage of Java's
     platform independence and "executable content" capabilities, to
     run on a variety of systems and be automatically usable via
     embedding in WWW documents and similar systems.
   * To provide a client which is easy to use, with all of the
     essential features experienced users expect, and novice users
     shouldn't have to live without.
   * To make the browser applet small and quick to load, minimizing
     delay times in web page loading even over slow modem links.
   * To make the client extensible for the future, and to provide
     support for more robust/different implementations and extensions
     to be downloaded and stored on the user's local machine for
     quicker access.
   * To make the client freely available and modifiable, to promote
     future enhancement and open, compatible systems for future
     developments in the Java MUVE client world. 

Users of Cup-O MUD may also notice one other design consideration in its
development. The Cup-O MUD interface has been specifically designed to be
simple and clean, without lots of buttons or graphics taking up space on
the screen which could be used instead for useful output window area. The
result is an applet which, while perhaps looking a little less flashy,
provides the optimum usability in a wide range of applications.

Features of the Cup-O MUD client include:

     Multi-platform support 
     Integration with WWW pages 
     Separate input and output windows 
     Backscroll of previous output 
     Word-wrap of long lines 
     Partial output line (prompts) support 
     Optional echoing of commands in output window 
     Unlimited input line length 
     Non-echoing password input 
     Customizable fonts/colors/size 
     Optionally Auto-send a command on connection (auto-login) 
     Optionally ignore introductory text 
     MOO Control Protocol (MCP) support 
     Remote display-URL capability 
     TELNET-protocol compatible 

For more information on the Cup-O MUD client and the Cup-O MUD project,
      please see the Cup-O MUD project's official web pages at:


      Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."


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