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Re: Scattering assignment

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Chris Schlesiger wrote:
> I've gotten to really like the scattering assignment in the new server
> version. I was wondering what people would think of adding on to it the
> following:
>   Type requirements.

FYI, this has already been proposed (twice); unfortunately, I've 
forgotten the current moo-cows archives URL.  The best I could find 
through Alta Vista was the first time it came up:
However, Gustavo Glusman (?) brought it up again in a later post, and with a 
better (IMO) notational scheme.

Personally, I'm in favor of it, *provided* it has a reasonable syntax (like 
that proposed by Gustavo (?)) and *provided* it would lead to a 
reasonablly significant improvement in compuatational efficiency (as 
opposed to just programmers' convenience in not having to then check the 
types manually). My guess is that it would lead to an efficiency, because 
the assignments would stop (raising E_TYPE or whatever) immediately if 
type checks were done along the way, instead of first doing all the 
assignments and then checking types.




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