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Re: Large MOOs

>    My company is looking into the possibility of using a MOO for a large,
> internal WWW database/server. We anticipate the addition of about 10,000
> object a month (bug reports, customer calls, etc). I know of MOOs that have
> object counts into the 10s of thousands, but how about 200,000 to 400,000
> or more?

But why would you store these objects containing information in the MOO itself?
Just keep the information in external files and use FUP.
Or better yet, keep the information in a regular database and query the 
database from inside the MOO. At NIU I have a MOO running that has an 
object (called the Query Machine) that will take an SQL query, send it
to a Sybase Database running on the same machine and bring the result of
the query back into the MOO.  No need to bloat the MOO database with
information that could be kept outside.  
> Thanks for any info or pointers...

This should bring some interesting responses. :)


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