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Invitation to Jesters' Forum

Please join us for our first MOO discussion of 
        Jesters Get Serious

All the MOO's a stage,         
        and all the jesters merely players;
        They have their exits and their entrances;
        And one MOOer in eir time plays many parts...

*                                   *
*       Are Jesters Serious?        *
*                                   *
*           November 20             *
*         8:00 am Pacific           *
*             and/or                *
*         5:00 pm Pacific           *
*    Intros, agenda, missions,      *
*            work/play              *
*                                   *

We will introduce ourselves, moan, groan and otherwise commiserate, then
set the agenda for the rest of our MOO discussions. What has become
obvious (and is certainly no surprise) with the first responses to the
Jester Survey is that we have been working in isolation for far too long.

Please join the fun, seriously.

telnet 7777
connect as your character or as a guest
and @go jesters

We offer the two time slots to better serve the international MOO
community; all logged discussion will be webbed and publicly available. 

To reply to, or review the Jester Survey, go to:

The logs will be at

Janet Cross and Kristian Fuglevik


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