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Jay House Core

I just recently mounted a Jay House Core on my system to tinker 
with - maybe eventually launch as a new MOO. However it is QUITE 
different with LambdaCore, which is what I'm used to. Is there a manual 
out there that I just can't seem to find? 

The problems to date are :

I can't seem to @checkpoint the DB!

I can't seem to make Wizard characters!

The Archwiz doesn't seem to have permission (!) to alter who is a member 
of any of the commitee objects.

	Now I'm probably missing something basic - but it is annoying. 
Anyone know of a manual, or even a listserv for answering and talking 
about the core's quirks?
	Apart from not bein able to DO anything - I find alot of the 
features of the Core to be great - so I'm not running it down, just want 
to know how to work it :)


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