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Re: A new editor for MOO.

>Hmmm..... I want to go on record as saying, that I am not in favor of a
>moo client, that just does MOO stuff, like editing.... On the other hand
>a plug-in to Netscape that allows you to run a telnet in a separate frame
>or window, is not in my opinion a bad idea, even if the design of the two
>programs is incompatible at some level. It seems to me, that a Telnet
>session could be run on one socket, and a netscape application on a number
>of others, resulting in completely different applications running in a
>simultaneous manner. But then, I don't know what is going on INSIDE
>netscape. :)
>				GREY

This is a bit late for this thread, I know.  (I just went back and read
over past MOO-cows postings that I were too busy to read at the time.)  But
I'd hate to let a post like this go by without a shameless plug for Apple's
Cyberdog.  It has a web browser that DOES let you imbed a telnet window in
a frame-like section of the browser window.  It's not perfect, but it's
still great. :-)  (  Basically, it lets you
imbed ANY url into a web page, including telnet:// urls.  Way cool! :-) 
(Unfortunately, Cyberdog doesn't seem to handle http authentication
properly.  I'm on their case about that one.)


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