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Re: Announcing Cup-O MUD

>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Carlson <> writes:

    Jay> Alex Stuart writes:
    >> Cup-O MUD is actually one of the first Java-applet MUD/MUVE
    >> clients

    Jay> [...]

    >> The Cup-O MUD client is a fully functional client for
    >> Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs, aka MUDs, MU*s, MOOs,
    >> etc), and other line-based text communication systems, written
    >> in the Java programming language.

    Jay> Why the new term?  Doesn't the existing word "MUD" describe
    Jay> the same thing?

It does to people who work with these things from a technical point of
view, but to the general public, including managers etc., a MUD is a
combat game, so to avoid this connotation, a new term is needed for
"marketing reasons".  Sorry 'bout that...

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