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Re: Time outs

and here's the answer I sent over there

At 10:34 AM 11/25/96 -0700, Charles Krause wrote:
>Brack wrote:
>> At 05:11 PM 11/23/96 -0700, Charles Krause wrote:
>> >I've used WinMOO to launch a JayHouseMOO core. In the help for
>> >'getting started' in suggests setting the server limits for time out
>> >errors a bit higher than is expected with a Lambda Core. Is there a way
>> >to set this for WinMOO?
>> >
>> yes. Set a property on $server_options. I don't remember what the property
>> is off hand, but you can check out the ChangeLog.txt that comes with
>	The property cited in the ChangeLog is $server_option.fg_ticks , and
others. However - on Jay House Core 
>( not Lambda ) there doesn't appear to BE such a property on the
$server_option object! :( In fact if you 
>@properties or @dump $server_options there doesn't appear to be anything
remotely like this. Ideas anyone? I'm 
>still gettin time outs on some of the larger ( and more important ) help
file retrievals.

If there isn't one, make one. @prop $server_options.fg_ticks (whateveryouwant)
If there's no $server_options, then @create #1 named server options, then
@corify it as server_options.

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