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Re: ALPHA-TEST release of LambdaMOO version 1.8.0alpha1

> As long as folks are asking for stuff--

On that thought.. ;-)

a problem that comes up every once in a while is some really bizzarre
episode leading to the removal of the directory that the MOO is
running in.. usually resulting in the loss of the database.. One
possibly usefull function might be to add an optiona argument to
dump_database() that would allow you to specify the name of the file
to open for the dump. If people are concerend about disasters, a hook
could very easily be added in the code to prevent that file from being
opened if it already exists.. forcing you to dump onto a brand new

This would allow the wizard to dump the database, and then shutdown
and restart normaly without losing information. (simply by specifying
an absolute path as the name of the dump file
eg. dump_database(/tmp/db.HELP)..)

Anyhow, a thought..

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