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Re: [APROG] $local (was Re: Suggestion, re: Minimal.db)

> I was thinking of & as a prefix character because I'm used to it (which is
> obviously the less logical reason of using it :-) There are probably better
> candidate, like ^ or _
> Any suggestions?
> What would be the best prefix to avoid conflicts with existing code?

I'm actually looking at Mr. Smith's module proposal, and wondering if the 
MOO world at large would be willing to accept the existence of 
$local.local_objects.  This would be a standard object, updated 
regularly, that maintained a listing of the `regular' generics and their 
local object numbers.  This `registry' of sorts could also act as a way 
of tracking the aforementioned database modules.  The  listing could 
consist of keywords and corresponding numbers, for example:
  frands-pc       #920
  quinn_utils     #208
  dc-room         #109
  telnet-pc       #494
To port something using Autoport Utilities, you'd provide a keyword 
(prefixed with &) and the utilities object would do the lookup.  Example:

  @@copy & password=foobar to new 

A list of the known and accepted keywords would be periodically posted 
here and/or maintained at a Web site, and local wizards or players could 
keep their registries updated.  This is where the local-corify command 
would come in handy.

Something like this could doubtlessly be incorporated into the Museum 
rooms already available on several sites.

Feedback encouraged.

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