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Re: [APROG] $local

> And what if I decide I want to not only keep track of the names and obj_nums,
> but also the date the object was last modified (to make maintainence a smaller
> headache)?  It's a fine idea to encourage some sort of systematization

Excellent suggestion.

> see absolutely no need to modify the server to recognize some new
> &local_obj_name  {:= $list_utils:assoc($local.local_objects, name)[2]} syntax
> when you can achieve the same thing in-db with something like
> $local:local_object(name); which could then handle the lookup.

Neither do I.  What I am suggesting is that the auto-porting code use the 
& sign as a flag, letting it know to do the sort of lookup you describe 
at the remote site.  I'd see, for example, `&frand-pc'.  Autoport would 
call $local:object("frand-pc") and use the object number that returned.  
There would be no modifications to the server, just this database-based 
lookup facility.


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