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   But then, I also wish that the server called $server_options:option_name()
   instead of accessing $server_options.option_name directly, since then one
   could (for example) checkpoint infrequently during the day and more
   frequently at night, simply by having $server_options:dump_interval()
   calculate the time of day and return the value you want.

Actually, with careful use for fork you can control this.  The server
looks at .dump_interval right before checkopinting, and sets the dump
interval to that value for the *next* checkpoint.  So, if you want
checkpoints at:

8am 8pm 12am 4am

at 7:59am set dump_interval to 12 hrs
at 7:59pm set dump_interval to 4 hrs

This trick is used in the lambdamoo #0:server_started to schedule the
checkpoint for 3am.

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