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Re: Porting MOO objects

Ah.... So it has been done..... good.

Early Days yet for me to be soliciting such a powerful verb... Too busy
trying to develop the MOOdule, Mod0. I will get back to you later, when
I have the list, and the Network Capability included in the same package.

In the meantime, good luck factoring your 700 line verb into multiple verbs
on an object.


GRAEME SMITH                         email:
2536 138A ave Edmonton             

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Bill Garrett wrote:
> Using Autoport Utilities makes the job much easier.  This object allows 
> wizards to perform object porting from within other verbs.  You could, 
> for example, write a new verb on $wiz that would connect to a predefined 
> source MOO, port several objects from there, and replace the existing 
> local ones with the new versions.  Details of programming the Utilities 
> to do this are available by request.

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