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Re: NewCore Implimentation

GRAEME SMITH                         email:
2536 138A ave Edmonton             

On Sun, 26 Nov 1995, Microwave Systems Admin wrote:

> Um.. Have you ever actually done any programming in MOO at the system level?
> Most of what you are talking about doesnt make any sense...
> -D
???? What's with this guy? his messages keep getting shorter and
shorter, and saying less and less.

If there is any particular thing you want to point out that doesn't
make sense, please feel free to do so. If your problem is that you
can't make sense out of the way I wrote it, a newer version of the
document will be released soon, with some corrections and updates
showing the present nature of the proposal, it is a work in progress
and it is progressing :). If you want, I will be glad to put you on
the Distribution List for the NewCore Working Group, so you can monitor
it even closer. That would give you first crack at the code, when
it comes out.

I have mailed out notice to all those who have shown previous interest
that such a Distribution List is being compiled, and I have been offered
the use of a ListProcessor in Calgary for the Working Group, so if anyone
wants to suggest I take that offer up, I will take it under advisement.

So far, though the response has been somewhat limited. Until my first
version of Mod0 comes out, I expect that it will probably remain limited.
Some of the stuff that goes on inside the MOO code is confusing, but it
is not completely different from other languages I have worked in. 

Considering that I once worked on an encryption project, and that the server
handles the Unix/Internet Specific stuff fairly well at the sign-on level
so my Unix/Internet Naivity does not get in the way.... I would say that
there is nothing I can't handle in this first Module. So, while I have
not done as much MOO system level stuff, as I would like, I don't see what
this guys problem is either! I imagine some of the confusion is intensional
obfuscation of I supposed to be blocked from success somehow?

Just why does he think I am not going to be successful?


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