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Re: LPMOO - problems sending new player mail.

At 12:00 AM 12/9/95, Kirrily Robert wrote:
>I'm running an LPMOO, the DNS bot is working quite happily (or seems
>to be - it's connected fine, anyway), but when I try to send new
>player mail, I get the following cryptic message:
>Cannot send mail: 503 Need MAIL before RCPT
>I'm not sure if this is DNS-related or something else... anyone know?

I almost always receive this message as well - I think it's a problem with
the $network:send_mail verb, and there's probably a fix, but I don't know
it.  However, the mail does (At least it always does for me) get to its
I seem to remember this happening with LambdaMOO as well, though I may be wrong.

Matt Pauker

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