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Re: Possible memory leak in 1.7.9p2?

At 03:47 PM 12/11/95 PST, Judy Anderson wrote:
>Has anyone else noticed any anomalous process size increases
>associated with 1.7.9p2?

Try turning off the :measurement_task.  It was ballooning our process size
 on Ghostwheel.

This is the same problem I mentioned months ago: while() loops are apparently
 not freeing their variables before re-using them, so they effectively become
 a hole into which one may dump megs and megs of useless data.

Our process size would creep up steadily.  I'd just watch `ps ux`, helpless
 and terrified.

Maybe that isn't your problem, but it's certainly mine.

I didn't try very hard to fix it this time (1.7.9 came out; now I just run a
 single loop over all objects every now and then to measure the DB), but I
 fixed it on another object by reducing the while() body to a single method
 call, thereby allowing the server to free the varspace when that returned.

Now, I'm just guessing with the "not freeing variables" thing--I haven't done
 any snooping into the server.  Kilik and I were discussing it, hell, months,
 maybe a year or two ago.


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