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MPL reasonably official news

Howdy all.

Having just dug out from a very stressful fall, I've finally caught up
on all the mail I've seen about MPL.  It's good that others are
picking up the ball on this, but perhaps it's time to do something sane.

Rather than deal with patching MPL into the server all the time, and
deal with the bugs introduced by multiple incompetant programmers
(myself included), I've discussed MPL with Pavel.  The end result is
that in a soon to be released version of the server (Yeah Yeah, I've
heard all the jokes...) there will be MPL integrated by Pavel himself.
In my opinion this will make it the most reliable and the easiest to

Thanks to everyone who's helped debug and deal with MPL over the past
months, no thanks to those who've been pains in the neck about it...

--Ivan, who originally hacked MPL together with AcidHorse in one very
	long night

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