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1.7.9p2 tasks

On EnigMOO we noticed a task that said that it was to execute -2147483647 
seconds ago ($minint+1) or $maxint seconds in the future, the number 
never changed after allowing the task to stay in the queue for a few 
days.  Some of us had thought that tasks that caused the execution time 
to go past $maxint would execute immediately.  It would be nice to have a 
$server_option for the maximum amount of time that a task may for or 

Looking at the db file since this was an eval revealed that this had been 
caused by the command:

;while(1) suspend($maxint); endwhile

So, was this task continuously running as though it were a suspend(0) in 
there, or was it waiting until $maxint seconds had passed before it executed?

Jason R. Mills


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