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Re: More on my crash

Judy Anderson writes:
> I tailed the .db.PANIC and found that the last successfully dumped
> thing was a verb.  I looked once the backup was up, and the next verb
> on that object is a verb with 650 lines of code, #103344:@autoport.
> Presumably that's why it was trying to allocate more memory---is
> dumping a large verb like that all that hard?  Should it *not* be
> trying to allocate memory during the dump process?

It's not all that hard to dump a large verb, but it *does* involve allocating a
fair amount of storage; the server does decompilation by converting the opcode
stream into a parse tree and then pretty-printing that tree.

My guess is that we simply ran out of swap space on lambda, which is of course
a real pain.



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