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Re: MOO-clients and V-campuses(Re: Setup Comments Please)

>>.I have been given the job of setting up a virtual environment
>>based on the Lambda Moo so I am asking for comments and advice
>>to the best approach to satisfy the requirements.
>>The environment will be a virtual model of the university and the
>>students (1st year) will be using it contact staff and other student
>>and study ethics issues.
>>The environment is expected to be able to:
>>1) Log all connects e.g. The internet address.
>>2) Control connects e.g. Password or Access lists, friendl domains or sites.
>>3) Replace the builtin editor with Vi or some other full screen editor.
>>4) File storage exchange mechanisms. Local edit then send to the Moo or the 
>>5) Develop or modify a "Good" Client program.
>>Thank you for your help in advance, any and all advice is appreciated.
>> Regards David.
>I have been developing a campus-model environment with Andersen Consulting for 
>the uses of world-wide training and project collaboration.  We are currently 
>designing a client which incorporates not only MOO, but webservers, 
>white-boarding, GUI controls, FTP, local program file storage and retrieval 
>(powerpoint, word, corel, etc...), and 32-bit/3D graphics for the virtual 
> We have already run a pilot for MOO-type training (The pilot tested that it 
>could be done, not that it was better than RL) across some of our offices in 
>Europe and Scandanavia.  We used a basic, pilot, version of our GUI client for 
>this endeavor (did not include white-boarding and 3D graphics), as we are still 
>in the R&D phase for the final product. 
>David,  if you or anyone else who reads this list is interested in 
>collaborating on this type of environment, I am always looking for additional 
>input, myself.  So, if you've been making a MOO-client or developing a virtual 
>campus..... let me know!

Check out Pueblo, at:  It supports text MOOs,
ANSI, HTML, GIF/JPEG/BMP, MIDI, WAV, and 3d VRML graphics, and is shipping
today for Win95 and NT.

It's free for non-commercial use, and mud servers are starting to ship
with Pueblo support built in.



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